Natibaby Wee Carry Exclusive: Blue Chevron Zoo

$99.00 $165.00

Blue Chevron Zoo is a soft, thin, cuddly blend of bamboo and cotton. It has a gorgeous shimmer to it, and it's a super snuggly blend. The blues are gorgeous shades comparable to a cloudless fall sky, and the white almost takes on a silvery sheen. The wrap has also been designed so that, when folding up the bottom rail in a double hammock chest pass, the animals will still be upright. 

Despite what you may have heard, bamboo is not just for newborns! Bamboo, especially in multi-pass carries, can be great for babies of all ages and sizes. I often use my bamboo wraps with my 19 month old 25 pound daughter, and it's comfortable for a couple of hours, even in a simple reinforced ruck tied tibetan.  Bamboo is great for newborns though, because it's so thin and moldable, and it's wonderfully soft and cozy against baby's skin.

This would be a great first wrap, or first new wrap, because it is wonderfully floppy and easy to work, even brand new. It requires very little breaking in. It's also a blend that allows the passes to slide easily over baby's back, which can be helpful for beginners. A wrap that is too grippy can make the reinforced or hammock passes a little tough for those new to to back wrapping. The sheen of bamboo helps it to glide over the baby's back rather than sticking, which can definitely be a plus for beginners. 

Blue Chevron Zoo also makes a gorgeous dye blank! You can use yellow, green, teal, purple, pink, red, and more for beautiful results! Dye will make the wrap a little bit crunchy, but with a little use it will break right back in.

Blue Chevron Zoo will be available for pre-sale in the following blend:

  • Bamboo/Cotton


Bamboo Blend

  • 4 (3.6m) $165
  • 5 (4.2m) $170
  • 6 (4.6m) $175
  • 7 (5.2m) $180